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Wired For Mono
Wired For Mono
WIRED FOR MONO of Swedens most interesting, upcoming bands and the best liveact in Stockholm! All of this is true, according to Ebbot Lundberg (frontman of The Soundtrack of Our Lives)! The bands quest for world domination is set to continue this winter with the release of the longawaited debutalbum! This far, one single and one EP has been released to rave reviews all over Europe! This is what NME had to say about the band: ”What’s on NME’s stereo right now”... ”...Wired for Mono...whose debut single is a corker. Riding a slinky, harmonica-assisted Stones groove, WFM also have a nifty way with a country-rock melody that marks them down as serious contenders.”. NME was also at one show in London, this is what they wrote: ”Deceptively noisy Scando-drone heroes arrive in the UK... The cabal of Swedish rock n roll bands set for world domination continues with Stockholm’s premier pop-art blues janglists and Soundtrack Of Our Lives protégés Wired for Mono. Right from the start it’s obvious that singer / guitarists Henrik Lillsjo and Arvid Engstrom favour the rubber faced contortions of 65-model Keith Richards and the dress sense of cosmic country icon, Gram Parsons. But tonight is no excursion into fringed-jacket retro-fetishism: Wired for Mono are dirty drone rock boys in disguise and ’A Harbour An Anchor’ is the loudest thing NME has heard in a dog’s age. The sheer volume is comparable to the avant-garde Noo York art attack of early Sonic Youth, while ’Carmen’s Dream’ is a disorientating Byrds-type psychedelic-raga freak-out. As brilliant debut single ’Travel In Turns’ gets twisted from an groover into a pilled-up Rolling Stones space drone, the vigilant audience takes careful steps backwards: it’s an apocalyptic soundclash between the Charlatans-type canyon-rock and the audio-roar of a 747 taking off. Amazing stuff.” Following the UK shows the band recorded the ”Re: Golden Hits EP” which gave the band a chance to go to the US, to play at the annual Export Music Sweden Showcase in Austin, Texas! A video was made for the song ”Four Wishes” and was selected ”Video of the Week(Veckans färsking)” on the Swedish music channel ZTV! Before entering the studio to record again, the band went to Germany to play live and all the way to Australia to play some big outdoor festivals in front of thousands of people, WFM biggest shows this far!!! The band has done several tours in- and outside of Sweden and close to a hundred shows all over the world without even releasing a full-length album! This has shaped the band into an amazing, actionpacked liveact that is sure to rock your socks off!!! Take it from NME... ”AMAZING STUFF”! This winter, the band has finished up recording their debutalbum in Stockholm. The band has been working with Patrik Heikinpieti (Mando Diao) and Henrik Widén (Diamond Dogs, The Solution etc.”). The first single off the album is called ”Out Of Our Key” and is set for release in January, along with a video. The album is called ”A Calling From Another Station; Radio Interrupt” and is set for release in February. The band is set to tour Europe during spring 2006... SO WATCH OUT!